Body Burden

House Hearing on 9/11 Health Effects
((September 2004)

GAO Report on 9/11 Health Effects
(PDF file)
NYC Department
of Health
"Most Health Registry Enrolees Report New or Worsened Symptoms"

Lingering Effects

Many months after the attacks, rescue workers are still struggling to regain the health and quality of life they enjoyed before September 11.

Continuing complaints include unrelenting fatigue, shortness of breath, severe acid reflux, cough, headache, skin rashes, joint pain, weight gain, inability to sleep, memory loss and extreme irritability.

The short range consequences of these symptoms are disturbing. Fathers and mothers return from work too tired to interact with young children. Marriages fall into danger. Men and women in their mid-30s fear that their deteriorating health will force them to leave careers that they love. Those who are older are burdened by a sense that their lives have been shortened.

The long-range consequences are a matter of national concern.



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