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Bill Keegan

I am a Port Authority Police Lieutenant in NYC. On September 11, 2001 I was present at the collapse of the WTC. I continued to work at the WTC site for the following 9 months, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, ending on June 2, 2002. During that period I was exposed to toxins and substances which led to my physical degeneration.

In November of 2001 I began to experience sinus infections, headaches, eye aches and eye irritation. I also experienced gastroenteritis, my skin began to break out and I felt an overall weakness in my performance of physical tasks. These conditions roller-coastered from bad to worse in the next seven months. I was prescribed numerous antibiotics without any relief. I also used inhalers to assist with my labored breathing. The work at the site was too important to all of us to allow us to take time off. However, in August of 2002, having separated from the site, I began to experience worse symptoms and even developed a nerve weakness in my neck, back and shoulder which left my right arm nearly powerless.

It was in early fall of 2002 when I learned of the Downtown Medical detoxification program through my contact with several FDNY Chiefs. I put if off through the holidays but my condition deteriorated. I finally was feeling so lousy that in mid-May 2002 I found myself at the offices of Downtown Medical speaking with Jim Woodworth. I was impressed with Jimís knowledge and compassion. During a tour of the facilities I was introduced to the professional staff that I would later consider my friends.

It is now a month later and having completed the program, the above conditions have dissipated or have vanished completely. I have recovered my energy level and I am again enjoying my life as I had before September 11th. The sinus infections, the swelling, the headaches, the skin irritations are all gone. I have also recovered full strength in my right arm and back. I now have a much clearer mental outlook. My family and friends have noticed a distinct difference in my appearance and emotional well-being.

This detox experience has not only made me feel better but has led me to examine how I will live the rest of my life vis-ŗ-vis my nutrition, vitamins, exercise and the positive outlook of regaining control of my body.

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